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Cydia Error - All Packages and Repo's Gone Edit This Wiki

Sometimes you may encounter an issue with Cydia where all your packages and repos disappear.

This is due to some imperfect coding, and can be easily fixed with WinSCP, SSH or iFile.
Note: if you don't have access to these service, you will need to re-jailbreak.


Open WinSCP or a Program like it.
You must have OpenSSH installed on your iPhone for this to work:
Login: root - Password: alpine

Navigate to: private/var/lib/apt/lists

Delete the List(s) that you believe caused this issues.
Also, you may want to check the folder private/var/lib/apt/lists/partial and delete any lists that you believe caused the issues.

Next, navigate to this file:
Open this file in a text editor and remove the link of the faulty source.

There should be one link per line, remove the entire line.

Reboot Cydia and see if it works..
Please alert [url=]admin[ about any sources that cause this issue, so he can fix them

In iFile or a File Manager App (eg iFunBox)

Navigate to: private/var/lib/apt/lists
and Delete any sources that may have caused the issue.

Good Luck.
Or you can re add the source - joshua144

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