IAPFree免费内购神器. In App Purchase FREE 安装完成后请在软件界面先安装“核心插件”即可内购大多数游戏,“核心插件”搞不定的,可以通过安装专用插件搞定。

IAPFree 4.0.1

iOS platform applications and games, you can purchase premium content through IAP. IAPFree through technical means, to bypass the chargeback process, direct access would have to pay to get.
Write the purpose of IAPFree In order to test and study the game, please support the software developer, especially the manufacturers of the country's development. Think worth buying, or spend real money to buy the good.

Changes not Available

Special Note: The recently discovered that people posing as me around a trickster, donor IAPFree pull, or commitment fee development and crack the plug-in. I have never never accept any form of donations, but will not charge to develop any crack plug-in. Please carefully screened!

IAPFree2.0.0 Tutorial:
IAPFree conditions of use.
iPhone / iPad / iPod iOS devices.
iOS system version more than the minimum 4.0, 4.0 to the latest 5.1.1 version of the system in theory can run.
Your iOS device must have been the perfect escape.

Install IAPFree:
If you have installed IAPFree 1.x version, be sure to uninstall the previous version and then install the new version, or it may cause unpredictable.
Add after the success of to find IAPFree can be installed.
Successful installation IAPFree, it will automatically restart SpringBoard
Icon to find IAPFreee initial need at least online installation free within the shopping core functionality plug-in "this plugin the IAPFree work, and other plug-ins work depends on this plugin.

Use IAPFree:
In the use IAPFree to ensure that the target application must be completely re-opened, the front will be pulled from the background because of the memory cache, caused by plug-in does not load.
Remember, IAPFree within any settings, install, delete, update the plug-ins and other actions must be thoroughly re-open the target application to take effect.
Install a "free share core functionality plug-ins", IAPFree support free of charge within the purchase of more than 80% of the game.
Of course, software vendors are also constant for IAPFree do all kinds of protection, so, if you find a reference to the purchase by IAPFree can not be completed, may be such. At this point, you can go to the IAPFree the online plug-in list, to find out whether the application plug-ins for you encountered. If so, congratulations to you, after installation, you will be able to win him. If you do not do not be discouraged, Doraemon is a steady increase in the support of the application plug-ins are always concerned about whether there is a new plug-ins.
Of course, IAPFree not a panacea, there are a lot of games IAPFree temporary or can never support free purchased. Such as online classes, because the data are stored on the server side, IAPFree is powerless.

Version: 3.2.2

Support iphone5 screen ratio.
Adjust the interface sequence, the "plug-in management interface as the
first interface, the software interface on the second interface.
The initial installation the user plug switch off by default instead turned on by default.
The plugin download service load balancing processing.
This is the core meaning of the upgrade, because my server traffic is
not enough, so they rented a server, and now dual the plugin download
list service.
This version upgrade, old version IAPFree the plug-in list of services
will be stopped, but the installed plug-ins are still compatible. After the upgrade is complete, the plug-in list will no longer limit five, and will resume normal open state.
The software information temporarily removed "announcement" plate, future treatment to be determined in what way.
Fixed some conflict with other software bugs.
This because the software voluminous, I would never dare guarantee does
not conflict with other software, only to find a solution to a. So we try to give me feedback in this regard.
Permanently removed the logo camouflage "function.
Future IAPFree will not provide identification camouflage, this feature
will be released in the form of a stand-alone software, so stay tuned.
The plug repair an installation directory permissions set set error caused by the plug-in can not be loaded bug. This bug appears obvious: even open the plug-in switch, insourcing still requires input AppleID. This because directory permissions error, caused plug-in is not loaded program.
Temporarily removed the "Check for Updates" feature in the software information interface.
This function due to mandatory dependencies Cydia source exists, so the
cause before we can not afford to delete Cydia source of the problem. Software Update feature in 4.0.0 version will appear in other forms.
IMPORTANT: starting from this version, the later version will not support armv6 devices. This old equipment, you can let them into the showcase. No longer support armv6, so the volume of the software should be able to small.
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