iPASTOREAlternative à Installous ! Easy way to install apps from http://ipastore.me

Description Française :

Nous vous annoncions hier la fin d'Installous dans cet article. Nous vous avions déjà présenter vShare, une autre alternative à Installous. Voici donc une nouvelle alternative à Installous, qui ce nomme iPASTORE.

Description English :

PowerFull AlterNative To Install0us

iPASTORE app allows you to browse, download and install apps from http://ipastore.me directly on your device.

For now its first launch and its iPhone only, you see i dont have team or something i work alone. but iPad support will be added soon enough.
This is strictly for jailbroken devices and requires Appsync patch from hackulo.us, also supports iOS 5, iOS 6.

-Browse apps by category.
-Featured apps, New apps, new updates.
-Search apps.
-Download apps. (Background download supports only 10 mins, its apple not me.)
-Queued Installation so you can select single or multiple. it is awesome.
-Auto lock is disabled in app if app is in foreground. its automatically enabled once app is terminated or enters background. so u need not to worry about large downloads.
-If you want to buy any app, there is button which takes you to AppStore directly from app.

You might experience some issues with download start ups, but i am already on them. they will be fixed soon enough. Also i was not able to fully suppress ads from the file hosting sites, so you might get irritated sometimes, so i recommend using it along side AdBlocker

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Would you like iPASTORE on your iDevice?
add http://ihackcydia.myrepospace.com/ to your Cydia Sources