Copic Magic Mobilepicture shown everywhere contacts are seen

v 2.0
* iOS 5.0 Compatibility.
* Added support for iMessages on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad 2.
* Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed 4.0.X compatibility issues with Favorites.
2. Fixed a rare RACING condition.
3. Few code optimization done: i.e. Copic now loads images faster than ever.

[NOTE] To activate simply tap on Crack Me button. You must be connected via WiFi or 3G for your license to be downloaded.

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher
Supports iPhone, iPod iPad and iPad, iPad 2 too

This is an all-in-one app that shows contact pictures every where in your iDevice.
Copic (short form of Contact Picture) shows contact pictures every where in your iPhone/iPad/iPod standard apps (Phone, SMS, Contacts and Facetime). It shows contact pictures in favorites and recent call list in iPhone's standard mobile phone app and iPod/iPad 2's Facetime app. This all in one contact picture app support all your iDevices including iPad and iPod.

Known Issues:
1. Copic may not work as "expected" with BackGrounder. Request to provide "native" support for SMS app in BackGrounder.
2. Copic is not yet compatible with iOS 5.0.

Note: This installs no icon on springboard. Copic related settings can be managed through standard settings.

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