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Fusionshare & post to multiple social networks


Fusion is a brand new tweak that allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Foursqaure all from the normal twitter sheet.
One of the best features of this tweak is that the social networks are plugins. Meaning, when a newer and better social network comes out, any developer can make a plugin so that you can use that social network with Fusion. Another great part about this tweak is that it works directly in the Twitter sheet, so any third party app that allows you to tweet from it, will also allow you to post to any of the networks that Fusion supports.
Fusion also includes quick composing, so that you don't even have to enter an app to post to any of the networks; setup an activator event to launch the tweet sheet and you're posting away with Fusion.
If you thought that was it, think again, you can also post to any of Fusion's networks using Siri. If you have a Siri enabled device you can say a phrase like 'post status saying (your status)' or 'post status to (your choice of networks) saying (your status)'. Read more about this in the Fusion section of the Settings app.
Fusion is an incredible tweak and will continue to expand. Have any more cool ideas? Send them to me! Big thanks to Maximus for helping on this project (Twitter: @0_Maximus_0)
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