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laender: h1siri 10th Jan '12
joshua144: Here iphonerock.com/iphone/how-install-siri-on-iphone-4-ipod-touch-4.html 8th Dec '11
joshua144: I'll have H1Siri on my repo, non-functional though. Anyway type in YouTube "Hiri iPod touch". 8th Dec '11
Cojax99: lol maybe the connection for the download...but there arent any servers up so dont lie 7th Dec '11
Cojax99: NO SIRI WILL NOT WORK! sorry for caps but dont install! even if they go out and put it all another One Iphone 4S apple will catch on again and block the udid for that iphone. Patience people! 7th Dec '11
giuliano: anyone here have siri working? 7th Dec '11
nanarn: You da one 7th Dec '11
Cojax99: Haha Chinese not stealing info?...LAWL! Anywhere, Anyone who is good with computers can steal info. No one really knows who these people are or the DeV team. Better safe then sorry. PS3=Stolen Info. not the same but still. Me too my info isnt that private. if your on facebook or have a smart phone check out Mobile IQ it steals all your data from keystrokes to a whole heap load of stuff 7th Dec '11
jamesst20: IS that true ? And anyway i'm sure they aren't stealing any information and even if they would, in my case I don't really have anything to hide ^^ 6th Dec '11
Cojax99: Update: It sounds like there might be more reasons to stay away from H1Siri than just instability. Developer Grant Paul, who was one of two people behind a port of Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod touch in late October, believes that H1Siri is using a proxy server, and that any information that goes through Siri is being transmitted to a potentially insecure third party %u2014 this could inclue SMS messages, calendar entries, contacts, and even location data. Paul's planning to release more info on his concerns with H1Siri soon. Update 2: Grant Paul's given us the whole scoop on how H1Siri works and why this insecure hack is likely not long for this world. According to Paul, Siri uses a cryptographic "token" that uniquely identifies an iPhone 4S. This token can't be faked; it is generated daily from your iPhone 4S' serial number. The H1Siri hack involves funneling Siri requests through a server and then adding a token from an iPhone 4S there. Due to this, all of your H1Siri requests and associated data are funneled through CD-Team's servers. Since Apple issues these tokens, they can block it at any time and we wouldn't be surprised for Apple to block H1Siri soon %u2014 even if they don't, we'd advise readers to steer clear of this hack. Update @ 10PM Eastern (12/5): CD-Team has shut down their service, as their %u201Csmall-scale%u201D testing has completed. Please see the translations of their Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) posts at the bottom of this post. Guys this hack will take time. And be patient! people are working very hard on saving youmeus money from buying a new phone since apple is keeping it exclusive. If you want the GUI jjust install it if you want. But dont expect anything for the next couple weeks 6th Dec '11
IRAQ: No you're awesome appreciate it, I'll try to auto install it. Btw, I'm VIP user here because i was trying to upload the H1Siri but i can't 100MB is the limit. If u can zip the file or compres it i can upload it for you from my account contact me on a message or on my profile. Thanks 6th Dec '11
jamesst20: When are the server going to come back ? Do you have any blogs or official website or whatever :P ? 5th Dec '11
jamesst20: H1Siri Did you know you could get a free FTP and make your Cydia repository on it with H1Siri ? :) 5th Dec '11
jamesst20: Copy the deb file in your iPod using iFunbox ( Windows ) or DiskAid ( Mac) and install it with iFile. 5th Dec '11
H1Siri wrote on IRAQ's profile

5th Dec '11

IRAQ: I'm trying to search for H1Siri using Search in Cydia and i can't find it, So if i downloaded this file using this link how can i install on my iPhone ? 5th Dec '11
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