Phantom for SnapchatBreak nearly all of Snapchat's limits with this all in one plugin.



-- Snapchat v9.x crash fix (full compatibility in the works)


- iOS6 fix
- Removed "Stealth Mode" due to amount of emails


-----v 3.3.3-25

-- Added new Stealth Mode feature for Stories. (Tap MY FRIENDS header at top).
-- Tap to Advance working.
-- Disabled Text Effects buttons until finished.
-- Groups UI updated.
-- Support Emails enabled.
-- Fixed some UI glitches for the iPlus.
-- Using Retina Images.

------ v 3.3.3-24

-- SC 8.1.0 text line compatibility.
-- Added nicknames to group selector.

------ v 3.3.3-20

-- Added Groups! Yup, you read that correctly.

------ v 3.3.3-17

- Music + Recording
- Rewrite!!!!!
- Tons of other enhancements!

-- Contact Options & support not selectable.
-- Story Tap to Advance not working. (not looking good, caused tons of crashreports.)
-- "More" button in text effects crashes



-- Fixed "Text Effects" button


-- SC v7.0.7.1 compatibility


-- Fixed some video orientation on older devices
-- Option to override video orientation
-- Re-added unlimited snaps until app exit.


// small revision
-- [Fix] Crash on videos with no sound
-- [Fix] Marking snaps read


-- iPhone6&6+ screensize preparations

-- Video orientation fixed finally
-- Fixed snaps from returning after marking read
-- Removed Splash screen & sped up launch
-- [FIX] Open to Feed doesn't activate when opening a chat from NotiCenter
-- When always keep snaps is OFF, Snaps will time out like normal.
-- [FEATURE] Show Sublabels added to Manage
-- Animation override speed is fixed & smoother
-- Fixed crash when backing out of Manage Settings with keyboard visible

-- More to add here? let me know what i fixed

-- Time to kick back & play Destiny. PS4 = Co_kePok_es


-- tinker/change app animations
-- fixed crash

-- v3.1.7-6 ---

-- Fixed crash when marking read. For the f%@cking last time!!!

-- Fixed crash on iOS6

-- Fixed mark as read button (finally)
-- Disable Camera Shutter sound
-- Keep text messages
-- Don't send isTyping notification out
-- Don't send blue button while typing
-- Spoof Temperature

-- splash crash fixed (maybe)

****if you get crashes, send me a crash report! thanks

-- v3.1.7-3 ---

-- Added "Stretch to Fit" as an option in Phantom Config>Manage
-- Fixed crash when tapping video HUD

-- v3.1.7-2 ---

-- Added a zoom splash screen
-- Fixed video's wheel of death

-- <3

-- v3.1.7-1 ---

-- Perfect image setting
-- New Aviary editor features
-- Fixed some more crashes caused from autosave.

**** NEEEEDS ACTIVATOR!!! ******

-- Fixed crashes and activator error.
-- fixed save popup not appearing with save to "album" + "protected folder" enabled.


-- Aviary editor appearance changed
-- Potential crash fixed


-- Added spinner to show that the video editor is processing


-- Images go through another processing stage after selecting from the Aviary editor. Should fit the screen perfect now.


-- fixed lag


-- fixed crash when saving on new install.


-- iOS7.1.1 Pangu jailbreak supported
-- Dropped support for iPhone4 tethered jailbreak with GeekSnow


--ImageView set to aspectFit. Doesnt work on filters & temperature.


-- Fixed videos audio error.
-- fixed crash when picking videos without audio attached. (ie: Display Recorder)


-- disabled autosave on storys like it should have been.
-- some other fixes, too tired to remember.

Send crash reports to with the Cydia app Crash Reporter


-- fixed tweak not loading for users without activator install
-- fixed potential crash if autosave has been used ALOT


-- now uses activator to volume to snap (you must turn on manually again)
-- fixed select all from sending to blocked contacts


-- New popup added to stories
-- Fixed clear all button in Saved Videos


-- New pop up menu.
-- Crash fix. (I called the same code twice.) Whoops.
-- More memory enhancements!!!!!!!


- Took out phantom's clear feed
- Fixed crash from background


- Snapchat v7.0.2 compatibility


- Story fixes


- should run on ios5.1.x (I have no clue if it will) shot in the dark.


-- Fixed video bugs with "volume snaps" ON.
-- Option to use video editor in Phantom Manage.


-- Added "Select All" feature
-- Take Snap on volume press (Phantom Additional Services)
-- Open to Feed (Phantom Additional Services)


- Re-added the "Clear Feed" button in SC Settings. xD



-updated package version


fix video crash?


Added video editor.
fixed crash open images to phantom from Logged Images.
Always Keep Snaps enabled by default after this update.


--Coolest update! lol

-- New awesome photocropper which includes a f%@k load of image features. From stickers, to filters & text.


-Fixed crash at quick reply.
-Maybe fixed crash after cropping.


-- separated slide button into 2 individual buttons.
-- finished rewriting settings to look like SC's
-- fixed some iphone 4 7.1 prefs saving problems
-- changed upload button image.
-- fixed the SC version check

- [HACK] enable iphone 4 video chat by adding a pref entree to the phantom plist.
add "fakeDevice" to the plist with the value of 1. or anything. Just as long as its there.


- Fixed videos
- swipe mark button down to mark read.
- fixed story button visible bug
- added SC v7 dependency
- started working appearance for settings.


Phantom -4 update is only for users that updated to the new SC update. It's a little bit more stable, but still has problems. Shouldn't be any crashes though.


-- [Fix] Allow entry to password viewcontroller.
-- Removed old language files. (if you want to translate for your language, copy the lang file in /Library/Application Support/Phantom/phantom.bundle/Languages/en.lprodj and edit with iFile Property List Viewer, save and email it to me.
(edit only english text, NOT the for_example_keys)


-- Fixed crash when selecting videos on some devices.
-- Fixed saving to file after deleting SC.
-- Add a Snap Log to save sent snaps to file.

-- New rewrite. Too much to list what changed. Have fun experimenting with some of the new features.


-- Keyboard no longer says Done but "return"
-- Hooked a better method for setting text effects


-- Added unlimited text for caption
-- Ability to choose where to save snaps.
-- Change the caption background to an image (for texture effects)


Change font color & background. Font style is buggy.


-- Save snaps to specific album.
-- Save story videos


-- Snapchat v6.1.1 compatibility


-- libstatusbar dependency
-- hide button when drawing


-- Fixed space in image cropper.
-- Notification Sound & Statusbar icon features are back
-- iOS 5 compatibility.
-- Fixed Black Statusbar (except when cancelling from uploading a video..dafuk)

-- Split Notification Sound from Phantom into it's own dylib (for arm64 support)


*Hopefully* fixed the random crashes

-- Fixed videos from sending without sound.

-- Send videos over 10seconds.
-- Fixed tweak loading into other apps.
-- Fixed headers for iOS6

-- Fixed Springboard crash loop on older devices.



-- Ability to Change the textline font! (color & size soon)
-- Multiple Contact Selection
-- UI Improvements
-- Fixed crash when logging out

-- Added animations to the Snapchat imageView & Phantom buttons.

-- Fixed Crashes
-- Full Snapchat v5.0.7 support
-- Memory Enhancements

-- v2.0.1 --

- New save feature (save to private directory)
- New Lock option. (lock images saved with Phantom)
- Brought back "Always Keep Snaps" option.
- Added Tri-tone text tone in Notification View.
- Graphical Enhancements

Works on Snapchat v5.0.0
-dropped some features, Video Sending & Mark as Read (be back soon)

Break Snapchat's time limit and save received pictures/videos directly to the camera roll.
Also adds the ability to send 1-100sec images to users without Phantom installed.
Senders aren't notified a screenshot was taken if received pictures are saved.
Send images/videos from the Camera Roll.
Send videos over the 10sec limit.

..more ∇


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