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myRepoSpace moving servers
Posted by admin 20th Feb '12

MyRepoSpace is finally moving across to a brand new server!

The new server boasts a brand new Intel E3-1230 Processor, 8GB of Ram and a fully dedicated 100Mpbs port. Which, in the simple terms, means you should expect really, really fast speeds from and less downtime/slow access times.

The process will commence in around 6 hours and is estimated to take around 24-48 hours.

Cydia Sources will continue to operate until the new Server becomes active (The Sources may go down for approximately an hour during the final stages of the transfer)

All the update progress will unfold as it happens over Twitter - @myRepoSpace

Update 1:
The transfer is well under way, but may slow down the current website experience. Another post will be made when the website is fully moved.
2 Comment(s)
thanks for the hard work 20th Feb '12
then again siri for ios 5.0.1 work?
or down, it remains? days because IT WORKS with me since 2 does not: (I would be happy wenns goes again.

Thank for the Hard work too
and Good luck
I appreciate your work very betreibsystem what you have on your server because I'm also working on a server and does not know which operating system do I want on it: ( 21st Feb '12

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